Liquid Detergent 3 l

Introducing Extra Kleenz liquid laundry detergent, the ultimate solution for all your laundry needs! Specially designed for automatic washing machines, this powerful detergent is formulated with a new and improved formula that delivers superior cleaning results. With Extra Kleenz, you can be sure that your clothes will always be fresh, clean, and vibrant.

This high-quality liquid detergent is packed with Enzymes that work deep within the fibers of your clothes to remove tough stains and dirt. The special Enzyme formula not only removes stains, but also protects the colors of your clothes, keeping them bright and vibrant even after multiple washes. With Extra Kleenz, you can be sure that your clothes will look and feel like new for longer.

Extra Kleenz liquid laundry detergent is suitable for both white and colored clothes, so you don’t have to worry about separate washes. It is a powerful stain remover that can tackle even the toughest of stains, leaving your clothes fresh and clean every time. Its advanced formula ensures that your clothes are not only clean but also soft and comfortable to wear.

This liquid laundry detergent comes in a convenient 3-liter bottle, making it easy to use and store. It is available in three different variants: Rose Magic, Blue Magic, and Black Magic. Each variant has a unique scent that will leave your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant all day long. With Extra Kleenz, you can enjoy the convenience of a high-quality laundry detergent that is both effective and affordable.

In conclusion, Extra Kleenz liquid laundry detergent is the perfect solution for all your laundry needs. Its powerful formula, Enzyme protection, and color-saving properties make it the ultimate choice for automatic washing machines. With its convenient packaging and pleasant scents, this detergent is a must-have for every household. Try Extra Kleenz today and experience the ultimate cleaning power!

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