Cleaning items, soap and washing powder from LAZURDE GLOBAL

LAZURDE GLOBAL operates through the brand EXTRA KLEENZ, specializing in the manufacture of soap detergents and washing powder… This brand is distinguished by its high-quality products that are effective in removing dirt and stubborn stains from clothes and various surfaces.
The company develops and manufactures a variety of products including washing powder, general detergents, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, and extra cleans products are characterized by containing effective and advanced formulations, effectively and safely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, without affecting the environment.
The company aims to meet the needs of consumers all over the world, and works to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. It also strives for innovation and continuous development of its products to meet the changing market requirements and customer expectations.


Washing powder from EXTRA KLEENZ:

EXTRA KLEENZ is a registered trademark of LAZURDE GLOBAL, they offer a wide range of washing products, including washing powder, which is characterized by having a strong effectiveness in effectively removing stains and dirt, in addition, they contain safe ingredients, and our prices are very competitive in the markets.
Washing powder from EXTRA KLEENZ is considered one of the leading products of the company, as it removes dirt and stains, in addition to improving the quality of fabrics and giving them a fresh and beautiful aroma. Washing powder is also available in several different sizes and aromas, allowing customers to choose from them according to their personal needs and preferences.
Washing powder is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technologies, which guarantees the quality of the product and its effectiveness in removing dirt and stains. The company is also working to provide good after-sales service to customers, where technical support and consultations are provided in case of any queries or problems.


EXTRA KLEENZ Household cleaning products

نقدم لكم مجموعة رائعة من منتجات التنظيف الشاملة التي تم تصنيعها بأحدث التقنيات وتركيبات الصياغة الحديثة لتنظيف وتعقيمWe offer you a wonderful range of comprehensive cleaning products manufactured with the latest technologies and modern formulation formulations to effectively clean and sterilize homes.
The range of products of EXTRA KLEENZ includes floor cleaners, glass, bathrooms, kitchens, fabrics, washing powder and many others, designed to meet different customer needs and improve the quality of life in homes.
EXTRA KLEENZ products have many advantages, such as:
1- Effective in removing dirt and stubborn stains quickly and easily.
2- They contain safe formulations and do not contain harmful chemicals, which makes them safe for use at home and around children.
3- It comes with a convenient and easy-to-use packaging, which makes it suitable for all types of Use and need.
4- Competitive and reasonable prices are available compared to other products on the market.
5- It has a fragrant and refreshing aroma that lasts for a long time.
In general, EXTRA KLEENZ products are an excellent choice for both the consumer and the importer because they provide comfort and safety for everyone, fit all household needs.



We also provide you through the EXTRA KLEENZ brand with soap products made of the finest types, which is characterized by compliance with all quality standards, and works to remove dirt effectively, in addition to its high ability to remove dirt and impurities from various surfaces, and is used in cleaning floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and clothing.
EXTRA KLEENZ soap products are safe for the skin, they contain natural substances, do not cause any irritation or dryness of the skin, which makes it suitable for daily use.
The highlight of EXTRA KLEENZ soap is its refreshing smell, and it can be used to give a fresh scent to various surfaces after cleaning.
In the end, organizing and sterilizing materials, soap and laundry detergents are among the materials used on a daily basis and help us clean and sterilize spaces, tools and surfaces in our home, in addition to preventing the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses, so it is necessary to choose the most suitable product always, and we are happy at LAZURDE GLOBAL to offer you the best always.

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